Back Regional subsidies
Our funding experts are the reference when it comes to optimizing your subsidy potential and successfully supervising subsidy applications with the Flemish government. You can contact them for support in the key subsidy domains and subsidy programmes:
Grant domains:
Innovation & Technology;
Investments & Sustainability;
Human Resource Management
Subsidy programmes:
ERDF; ....
Application files that have been developed by MINT have a unique chance of success. Thanks to the 10-year experience with subsidies, strict internal quality control and continuous training, we achieve a success rate of more than 95%!
The subsidy instruments at regional level that our experts can use for you are:
Innovation & Technology:
Development projects; Research projects;
Baekeland; ICON; ....
Investments & Sustainability:
Strategic Transformation Support (STS);
Strategic Ecology Support (STRES);
Ecology premium +;
SME Growth Subsidy;
Human Resource Management:
ESF Vocational training in companies;
ESF Integrated strategic career policy
ESF Organising differently;
SME Portefeuille; ....