Back Tax incentives
Companies in Flanders are confronted with the well-known fiscal pressure and high wage costs. However, innovative entrepreneurs can use a great many opportunities to mitigate those expenses. The MINT funding experts are focused on applying and optimizing those tax incentives and cost savings in your company, whilst respecting the regulations and intentions set by government policy, and without adapting the company structure or the operational functioning.
In practice, we experience that many fiscal measures are often underused, such as the innovation deduction, the reduction on the withholding tax for research staff and various regional exemptions.
The fiscal and tax incentives that the MINT funding experts can apply for you are:
Innovation & Technology:
Withholding tax exemption for R&D employees;
Innovation deduction;
Tax credit; ....
Investments & Sustainability:
Increased investment deduction for energy-saving investments; ....
Human Resource Management:
Social security deduction ....