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In order to remain competitive in the longer term, entrepreneurs must invest in the development of new or improved products, processes or services. Everyone agrees. This rather defensive innovation strategy often lies at the basis of an innovation program or project, but at MINT we believe that this can also lead to a proactive approach to business innovation, with ground-breaking ambitions for new USPs.
From a business economic perspective, an innovation project is not self-evident, because it implies an uncertain outcome.
The MINT funding experts fully support the clients in acquiring substantial financial support to increase the effectiveness of the innovation projects.
The MINT innovation architects offer support in the development and implementation of the innovation strategy and the structural and planned management of innovation projects. Both SMEs and large companies get the needed boost to move forward.
The MINT funding experts will look for the most suitable subsidy programme and instrument to support your innovation and will work out the application for you and unburden you after approval with subsidy administration and the grant management up to and including the final audit.

Subsidy programmes:
Subsidy instruments:
Development projects; Research projects; Baekeland; ICON;
Withholding tax exemption for R&D employees; Innovation deduction;
H2020 Collaborative Projects (Research & Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions);
H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie; Eureka; Eurostars, ....