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To remain competitive in the longer term, entrepreneurs must invest in the development of new or improved products, processes or services. This rather defensive innovation strategy is often the origin of an innovation or project. Nevertheless, at MINT we believe that this can lead to a proactive approach to business innovation with groundbreaking ambitions for new USPs. Innovative entrepreneurs are aware that they need to emerge
from their comfort zone to invest in high risk R&D projects. While outstanding R&D success stories invariably attract the press, most innovations are less obvious but no less groundbreaking. SMEs are also increasing their structural innovations, often without a pronounced 'innovation' or 'R&D' label. From a business perspective, an innovation is not always evident, because it implies an uncertain outcome.
By means of funding services, MINT offers companies maximum support in acquiring substantial financial support. Our Management Consultants provide support in the development and implementation of the R&D strategy and take care to protect your Intellectual Property. As such, SMEs and large enterprises acquire an important boost.