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Companies must become more and more competitive at a time when the demand for workable work and flexibility are the challenges on the labour market. The social legislation is also subject to constant changes. An integral and strategic Human Resources Management is therefore a basic condition for every company that wants to grow. The shift to workable work implies the development of new structures and systems, ideally with more possibilities for autonomy, guidance and competence development from the perspective of the individual employee.
A strong HR policy contributes to the realization of the business strategy and offers a sustainable solution for a too high staff turnover, insufficiently motivated employees or chronic bottleneck vacancies.
The MINT funding experts look for suitable subsidies to support the professionalisation of the organization.
The MINT innovation architects offer support in the development of the foundations of the organization, the structuring of the processes, the development and implementation of an HR strategy and policy and the strengthening of the teams and employees. Both SMEs and large companies are thus strengthening their organization towards further growth.
A proactive HR management is a strategic investment that yields an ROI in the short term, provided that the direct and indirect wage costs are also optimized. The MINT funding experts offer A to Z support in identifying, acquiring and managing grants for personnel and organization. The applicable subsidy programmes and instruments are:
Subsidy programmes:
ESF, VLAIO, SME Portfolio
Subsidy instruments:
ESF Training support;
ESF Sustainable Career Policy;
ESF Organize Other;
Strategic Transformation Support;
SME Portefeuille