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Enterprises must become more competitive, whilst demand for workable work and flexibility pose challenges in the current labour market. Social legislation is also subject to continuous change. An integral and strategic Human Resources Management is therefore a prerequisite for any societal responsible business. The shift towards workable work involves the development of new structures and systems, ideally with more opportunities around autonomy, support and competence development from the perspective of the individual employee.
HR Managers often have their hands full with the development of self-managing teams, the development of competency-based HR tools and associated development plans at company, team and individual level. At the same time attention needs to be paid to employer branding, motivation processes, corporate culture, teamwork, optimal compensation packages, etc. A strong HR Management prevents the realization of the business strategy becoming threatened by excessive staff turnover, lack of motivated employees or long-term unfilled key job vacancies.
A proactive HR management is a strategic investment that already delivers a ROI in the short term, provided the direct and indirect labour costs are optimised. MINT offers one-stop-shop support through Funding Services and Management Consultancy tailored to meet the needs of the customer.