Back Investments & Sustainability
The market is constantly changing and sustainable entrepreneurship requires a permanent focus on its own strategic positioning. A proactive approach is therefore a must. The focus of such strategic exercises is on innovation, the development of extra added value and / or repositioning in the value chain. Internationalization is one of the key words in strategic business development, because the growth in the home market is under pressure in just about all sectors.
The (excessive) dependence of dominant suppliers and / or raw materials, then, put companies back to looking for alternatives themselves.
Independence of volatile market prices, as well as the optimal use of their own competencies or the operation of new markets are just a few of the perspectives for sustainable & strategic business development.
The MINT funding experts are often at the forefront of such strategic transformations, and by means of complementary subsidies they optimize the ROI and the chances of success for the company.
The MINT funding experts use the right resources and subsidies to guide you through your strategic projects and innovations through the demonstration and marketing phase in order to increase success on acceptance and implementation in the market.
Subsidy programmes and instruments that are used for this are:
Subsidy programmes:
VLAIO; H2020, SME Instrument; ERDF
Subsidy instruments:
Strategic Transformation Support;
SME Growth subsidy;
Ecology premium +; Strategic Ecology Support;
SME Instrument Phase1; SME Instrument Phase 2;
Fast Track 2 Innovation;
Increased Investment Deduction