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The market is constantly changing and sustainable businesses require a continuous focus on their strategic positioning. A proactive approach is therefore a must. The focus in such strategic exercises is the development of added value and/or repositioning in the value chain. Internationalization is one of the key determinants in strategic business development, because growth in the home market in almost all sectors is under heavy pressure. The BRIC countries in particular are attracting much interest,
though substantial growth can also be realized in neighbouring countries based on strong product - market combinations. High dependency on dominant suppliers and/or commodities prompts companies to look for alternatives. Internationalization and independence from volatile market prices, as well as the optimal use of own competencies or operation of new markets are just a few of the approaches for sustainable and strategic business development.
MINT is often at the forefront of such strategic transformations, and by means of Funding Services and Management Consultancy seeks to optimise the ROI and chances of success for your company.