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The MINT funding experts and innovation architects are experienced thinkers and doers who enthusiastically work for you. Because of their great empathy and extensive professional knowledge, they quickly achieve results, allowing you to experience a truly measurable difference thanks to the collaboration. We are committed to support you during the implementation of your project until the results are achieved.
The "DOE" method is expressed in an integral service provided by the MINT funding experts throughout the entire subsidy trajectory:

- identify: identify eligible projects and the funding opportunities
- screen: assess and determine costs / benefits and feasibility
- scope: elaborate project idea into an eligible project

- analyse: collect project relevant data
- integrate: design subsidy proposal
- process: write and work out subsidy application and support negotiation process for grant support

- subsidy management: conduct financial and subsidy project management
- subsidy administration: administrative follow-up of supported projects
- project management: extensive support of consortia and projects

The "DOE" method is applied by the MINT innovation architects by applying a practical and usable approach:

- identify: identify objectives and criteria
- screen: determine organizational and employee needs with respect to growth and innovation
- scope: generate support for change by providing a conceptual framework

- analyse: assess current and to be situation at organization-, process- and team level
- integrate: redesign the plan of approach to change
- process: develop tools tailored to the company needs

- embed: make results known within the organization and increase involvement
- train: strengthen the teams and manager through training and workshops on innovation management, leadership, team and collaboration, project management, change management, coach the coach, …
- coach: offer individual guidance and adjustment 

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