Back Our Approach
Are you looking for a 'no-nonsense' adviser who knows how best to acquire grants and realize fiscal and operational savings? Do you need a sparring partner for your strategic human capital projects and sustainable business? Then you've come to the right place, MINT! Our consultants at MINT are experienced experts who are enthusiastic to work for you. Because of our empathy and extensive knowledge we quickly realize results while taking the burden off your hands. Our references speak for themselves.
Although we work in a pure project-based business, almost all of our customers become structural clients, who often ask us for additional and new services. Partnering with MINT means choosing security and convenience. We obtain public support and implement tax optimization by guiding our clients through the entire process until the final audits. We obtain funding always with respect for the laws and regulations, with transparency and in constant communication with the client.
Efficiency and effectiveness characterize our approach. Before we start a project, we always assess the cost/benefit ratio and chances for success. In mutual discussion is an assignment defined. Both our Funding Services and our Management Consultancy focus on the realization of high value-added projects in collaboration with our clients.
Quality Labels