Across sectors, MINT works with companies of every size, from start-ups to large corporate organisations, universities and research organisations. By combining vast grant funding expertise, industry knowledge and insights into the labour market, our MINT experts provide invaluable services. Our approach is always hands-on and collaborative.

Customer delight

Our customers

We are proud of every customer we have worked for and thrilled about every funding package we have helped them to acquire. More than a supplier-customer relationship, we like to consider ourselves working in a partnership with everyone we collaborate with. Mutual trust is critical in that relationship, and it’s something we want to preserve every day.

Meet our MINT ambassadors

Our proud ambassadors are happy to open up on the MINT way of working. They are delighted to share their experience and customer journey with you.

The MINT ecosystem

MINT works within an extensive ecosystem of sector and cluster organisations, financial institutions, grant funding authorities, universities and non-governmental organisations, that enables us to leverage external capabilities and build solid collaborations. Our ecosystem is the ideal environment to test ideas, get feedback, build partnerships, and discover new opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you

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