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Innovation is the lifeblood of our economy. The appropriate financial resources can take the pressure off your organisation and create a financial buffer to free up resources to innovate. A variety of grant funding programmes issued by Flanders, Belgium and the EU can provide the financial support you need to grow at your own pace, and realise your innovative ideas.

Grants not only provide financial support, but they also help your research or business by building skills, knowledge and a network of like-minded researchers, innovators or entrepreneurs. Funding schemes also offer forums for collaboration with partners or research institutes, which can stimulate your innovation potential.

The path to funding can be long and complex. Trust MINT to be your guide along that journey.

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Increase your chance of success

MINT will make sure your project idea is a perfect fit with your targeted funding programme and will help you meet all crucial eligibility and content-related criteria. We help you navigate through the complex submission process and provide strategic advice. In addition, we will challenge your proposal content and project plan to deliver a high-quality proposal that will stand out from those of your competitors.

Save time

Writing a convincing grant proposal is time consuming. MINT’s systematic approach will help you save time and ensure a timely delivery of your proposal with the highest chance of success. The administrative and financial management of awarded grants can also be demanding. The MINT team will also support you during this phase to secure your grants.

You focus on your project

The success of both the grant proposal and the management of the funded project hinges on how well you can keep track of the details and at the same time stay in touch with the big picture, the overall goal and strategy. That combination may seem overwhelming, particularly with a strict deadline in sight. MINT will help you to lighten this load. We provide direction, allowing you to focus on the actual project, whilst we focus on the grant funding related aspects and technicalities.


From identifying your grant funding opportunities, coordinating and writing the proposal, to managing your funded project, our systematic proven approach is your surest path to tangible results.


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For over 11 years, we have successfully supported our customers in numerous industries including health and life sciences, advanced materials and manufacturing. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team is well positioned to serve this diverse customer base.

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