We are a motivated team committed to delivering high quality service. Our passion for innovation combined with our grant funding expertise, our industry experience and insight into the labour market, empowers us to challenge the status-quo and our customers to develop stronger projects and thereby contribute as a team to a higher economic and societal impact.



What defines MINT as a company is our unique combination of passion, talent, team.


We are motivated to learn and stay on top of our game. We strive to continuously improve our service and we take pride in delivering the best possible results for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to contribute and make a difference to the economy and society.


Our diversity and multidisciplinary approach are our strengths. We continuously reinvent ourselves, learn new skills and extend our knowledge on grant funding, the industries we serve, and innovation as a whole.


We believe we can go further together. We support each other as one MINT team. In working with our customers, we cultivate the same spirit of collaboration, partnership and trust.

Science &

Innovation is the engine of growth and sustainability. As experts in grant funding, and with a firm background in various areas, our Science & Technology Team is well positioned to help our customers with their strategic innovation projects. Whether you are working on a new technology, product, process or service, MINT will support you from opportunity detection, project development and proposal (technical) writing.

Human &

Human and workplace innovation is a basic condition for thriving companies and organisations that contribute to an inclusive society. Our grant funding specialists combine expertise in labour market, high performance work systems, human competence and motivation to assist our customers in humanising their organisations, by making optimum use of grant funding.


Efficient grant follow-up is critical to achieve your project goals. Our Project Reporting team offers services relating to grant administration and grant management based on our experience with regional (Flemish), national (Belgian) and EU programmes. Project management and Communication and Dissemination are key aspects, particularly in collaborative projects. Our Project Reporting team can advise you on programme rules and regulations, financial matters and document compliancy tailored to your specific needs.

Leadership & Account Management

Leadership &
Account Management

To guide our organisation forward in a versatile, sustainable and meaningful way, MINT has chosen the path of creating a human-centred organisation to fulfil a purpose for its employees, customers and the community. We orient all of our innovation and operational activities around those people involved and we genuinely care for them. Of course, building this organization is ongoing and both our Leadership Team and Account Management Team continually strive to meet this purpose.

"MINT has an open and inclusive culture. It’s a blessing to work with such an experienced team and I am keen to enjoy many more years of fabulous learning. Delight, Respect, Integrity, Versatility and Excellence are values that exude from the top and flow down throughout the rest of the company. MINT really cares about its employees and the company creates an environment where everyone can be at their best".
Emma Mussche
Account Manager

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