Mint methodology

MINT is committed to making your organisation’s innovative ideas become reality. To achieve that, we are with you all the way. From identifying your grant funding opportunities, coordinating and writing the proposal, to managing your funded project.  

Our systematic approach can be broken down into 4 core activities. Each of these activities are also offered as a separate service.

Methodology schema



Do you have a good idea for a new technology, new product or new service? Do you want to empower your workforce or make your organisation more sustainable? Then the first step is to determine whether your project is eligible for funding.

We help you screen and identify the appropriate funding programme for your idea. MINT has extensive knowledge of grant funding programmes and opportunities on a regional, national and European level, for scientific and technological innovation; investments and sustainability projects; and human, workplace and societal innovation.
Finding the right match between your project idea and grant funding programme, and meeting the eligibility criteria is the big challenge. These criteria can include project activity type, timing, budget, number of participating partners and/or participating countries. Plus, many calls for proposals have specific, content-related criteria linked to the scope and expected impact.
Our MINT experts will listen carefully to your ideas, screen all relevant funding programmes, identify the most appropriate and scope your project to ensure a strategic fit to meet all programme criteria.

Our added value:

  • We follow a structured brainstorm approach that leads to new ideas and insights.
  • We uncover new opportunities for funding.
  • We provide insight into your project scope, timing and project budget.
  • We define practical milestones that advance your ideas.

Your result:

  • A clear grant funding roadmap, with an overview of opportunities and timing.
  • A match between your project ideas and the most suitable funding programme(s).
  • Insight into cost/benefit and feasibility of opportunities.
  • An indicative timeline and practical next steps.

and writing

Planning and coordination
Enrichment, writing and submission

Your grant proposal needs to be highly competitive and spot on in terms of content, clarity and technicality. MINT can be your sparring partner in the process, and support your proposal development from a to z.

Our funding experts have many years of experience in project development and proposal writing. We plan and coordinate the entire grant funding process, all the while keeping an eye on timing and deadlines with the least amount of overhead for your team. Thanks to our expertise with grant funding combined with our industry experience we can challenge our customers and thereby enrich the innovative concept and project approach. Our experience in proposal writing and our internal quality assurance guarantees an excellent grant proposal which offers you maximum chances of success.

Planning and structuring

MINT’s systematic approach and in-house tools accelerate your proposal preparation process. We help you keep track of your proposal progress by drawing up a MINT process plan indicating timelines, meetings, deliverables and milestones etc. MINT also coordinates the input and interactions with the relevant stakeholders in collaborative project proposals.  

As a result of this planning and coordinating phase, every project contributor will know exactly what to do to provide the right information in the correct way and at the right time, enhancing your chances for a successful project proposal. A customised planning enables MINT to lighten your load, particularly if there is a pending deadline. MINT can provide direction, allowing you to focus on the actual project content rather than the grant funding technicalities.

MINT can help you to:

  • coordinate the overall process.
  • consult with partners for a collaborative project.
  • ensure that all eligibility checks are complete (financial, administrative).
  • identify missing partners or expertise and initiate an action plan.
  • identify the relevant deliverables, milestones and implementation risks of the proposal.
  • establish common working procedures and tools for all stakeholders involved in collaborative project proposals.

Enrichment, writing and submission

For a project to be successful and receive grant funding, the project itself needs to have an innovative concept, ‘smart’ objectives, a feasible work programme, the right partners, expertise and an ambitious but realistic expected impact. Drawing on the technical, scientific and economic background and year’s experience of our team, MINT will challenge the technicalities of your project by asking the right questions in order to enrich and raise the overall quality of your project.

A successful grant proposal demands high-quality text and clear communication. New ideas and concepts need to be communicated effectively. Over the years, we have become accustomed to collaborating with various stakeholders and communicating unfamiliar concepts and ideas to scientists, entrepreneurs, financial and government officials. We acquire all relevant information from stakeholder interviews, meetings and project documentation. Based on these materials, we deliver a competitive proposal tailored to your specific project. At MINT we pride ourselves on our 5C approach for proposal writing: correct, complete, consistent, clear and concise.

Besides delivering the proposal text, MINT completes the full proposal package which includes all necessary administrative, financial and supplementary documentation. MINT supports you in the online submission of proposal.

MINT can help you to:

  • develop your project concept, ideas and objectives in close collaboration with you.
  • challenge the technical and commercial aspects of the project when and where required to improve the overall proposal quality.
  • align the strategic objectives within a multi-partner project.
  • write both the technical and commercial proposal text. 
  • draw up a feasible budget according to the applicable financial rules and collect all relevant administrative information.
  • create visual materials to enhance proposal quality and clarity.
  • finalise the proposal.
  • register and submit the project proposal with the relevant funding agency.


Grant management
Communication & Dissemination
Project management

Grant management

Your project has been approved for funding. Congratulations! Now you need to make sure you meet the project objectives in a timely and cost-effective way. MINT can be your partner for this along the way.

We support you during the entire project duration, by providing administrative and financial support, managing the reporting requirements, ensuring legal compliance, and supporting you to communicate and disseminate your project results. MINT makes sure your project runs like clockwork. The timely and optimal attribution of your funding will depend on how well you report on your project progress. MINT will help you to streamline your project reporting, by preparing your technical and financial progress reports.

MINT can help you to:

  • monitor the use of resources and financial controlling.
  • coordinate and prepare the writing and submission of technical and financial periodic and final reports.
  • manage project contracts, such as non disclosure agreements, consortium agreements, grant agreements.
  • amend grant agreements with project partners.
  • draw up a collaborative project handbook.
  • submit qualitative deliverables on time.
  • prepare review meetings with consortia and the funding agency.

Communication and Dissemination

Most grant funding programmes expect you to communicate your project progress and results to various target audiences through different communication channels. MINT can assist you in these efforts.

MINT can help you to:

  • plan and organize project meetings and general assembly meetings with project partners.
  • draw up a customized dissemination plan and a communication strategy.

Project management support

Your project has been successfully funded. Now you want to meet your project objectives in a timely and cost-effective way. MINT can be an invaluable source of feedback and support during the entire project execution. We can help you to get the most out of your project by offering practical advice for your strategic decisions, operational activities and search for project partners.


Innovation strategy and management process
Innovation project consultancy

Do you know the full innovation potential of your company or organisation? Are you maximising your competitive positioning in the current marketplace? 

When you have a sound innovation strategy and process, this will enable you to make well-founded decisions on innovation, which is the ‘power house’ of your company or organisation to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing world.   

Innovation strategy and management process

MINT can support you in devising an innovation strategy and management process tailored to your needs. In this way, you will be able to make the right investments in the right projects at the right time.

MINT can help you to:

  • design metrics for project selection and prioritisation based on technological, financial, economic and market feasibility.
  • create or streamline your process for innovation project portfolio management, to make it more efficient and effective.  
  • define key parameters and KPIs for monitoring the performance of your process and use these outputs for continuous process improvements.
  • employ an Organisational Design for Innovation (ODI) to identify gaps and barriers that prevent you from achieving the desired innovation process.
  • embed an innovation process and mindset into your teams’ short- and long-term goals and objectives by offering an appropriate set of tools.
  • map the funding opportunities and requirements along the stage-gate process to efficiently identify grant opportunities.
  • identify external expertise to support and accelerate open innovation and co-creation opportunities.

Innovation project consultancy

Once a project has been selected for a funding opportunity, MINT can challenge the development of your project concept. Our multi-disciplinary team, extensive domain expertise and strong conceptual thinking mindset will help you to look at your plans with a critical eye.

MINT can help you to:

  • map competing technologies, solutions and business models to identify the innovation gap.
  • map competing or relevant stakeholders and potential collaborators across Europe and the world.
  • explore new scientific and technical approaches to build your concept.
  • design the project concept to fully align with the expected project scope and impact and overall agenda of your funding programme.

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