Company values

Grant funding is more than a numbers game. We like to believe that we make a difference for our customers by the way we approach our projects, deal with people, and go the extra mile. Delight, Respect, Integrity, Versatility and Excellence (DRIVE) are the values we live by.


Our customers and employees are our reason for being. First and foremost, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve that, we inspire each other to strive towards achieving the extraordinary, rather than settling for the ordinary, by doing that little extra and pushing our own personal boundaries. We believe that entrepreneurship and teamwork can move mountains.


We focus on what connects us as people, not on what divides us. We encourage everyone in our team to be themselves, and although we are all different, we rely on each other to support our customers as one MINT team.


We say what we do and we do what we say. We take accountability for our own actions and results, and we want to be an honest partner for everyone who entrusts us with their business. We communicate clearly and are always open for feedback.


Versatility and agility is what prepares us for the future. That’s why we like to help our customers build innovative solutions that solve the challenges of tomorrow. But versatility also applies to ourselves. We want to learn and grow continuously, so we can quickly respond to changing market needs. 


We love our job and we strive for excellence in our work and our results. However, we realise that excellence is something we need to work on every single day. That’s why we always look for ways to improve, in our collaboration with our customers and in delivering our services.

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