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We are thinkers, doers, advisors and a motivated group of experts in grant funding. Our multidisciplinary team is on hand to help you navigate through the processes of the Flemish, Belgian and European government grant funding programmes and to support you in obtaining the funding.
Your subsidies

Your grant funding

The path to funding from EU, Belgium or Flanders can be long and complex. Trust MINT to be your guide along that journey.

How we work

How we work

MINT’s systematic approach not only takes off the pressure from your workforce, but it also helps you save time and ensures a timely delivery of your proposal with the highest chance of success.

The MINT advantage

our track record

Our experience and multidisciplinary approach have enabled us to acquire over 400 million euros of funding for our customers since we started in 2009.

Mint comm unity

Across sectors, MINT is working with companies of every size, from start-ups to large multinational corporations, research organisations, universities and non-governmental organisations.

Mint customers

We are proud of every customer we have worked for and of every grant we have helped them to acquire.

MINT ambassadors

Our proud ambassadors are happy to open up on the MINT way of working.

MINT Ecosystem of innovation-driven organisations

MINT works within an extensive ecosystem of sector and cluster organisations, financial institutions, grant funding authorities, universities and research organisations. That ecosystem combined with our company network enables us to leverage external capabilities and build solid collaborations.

Positive vibes

"Why I love MINT? Because it applies those values and standards that suit me: respect, passion and openness. We don't sell castles in the air. We take the customer under the arm, advise and guide him/her expertly and ensure an excellent result. The customer knows his trade, we know ours. And that is precisely what enables an interesting interaction that creates a new view of things. An added value for the customer and an enrichment for ourselves. MINT is also excellent as an employer. We go far for our customers, but the person behind the employee is not forgotten. You never walk alone. A team of colleagues is there to receive you if things become a bit difficult, either working with the customer or in your private life. And our management is not in the proverbial "ivory tower", but among its people. They know the ropes and they value that everyone has their own talents and capacities".
Leen Vermeersch PhD
Sr. Experienced funding consultant Innovation & Transformation

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